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“I can honestly say hand on heart that what I am doing is no chore to me. I take a lot of comfort knowing my efforts are helping children and families.” Shaun Jones, Jigsaw Fundraiser.

In March 2020 as the country entered its first lockdown Shaun Jones began to run every day. Fast forward a year and Shaun has continued this amazing running challenge, completing at least six miles every day and raising over £2,000 for Jigsaw. The challenge is special for Shaun and his family as his daughter, Katie, was cared for at the children’s hospice.

 Speaking at the beginning of the challenge Shaun explained, “There isn’t a children’s hospice in our area, so we would go to Derian House in Chorley. But with me working in Carlisle, it was handy to go to Jigsaw because I could travel up in the car with Katie. Me or her mam would sit with Katie in the back of the car just in case she would have any seizures or choking incidents.

“It was great coming up to Jigsaw with her because I could go to work and the family would have a day in Carlisle. We could then come home, leaving Katie in Carlisle at the children’s hospice for a couple of days. Jigsaw has a friendly atmosphere, it was brilliant. It just had a nice homely connection with it. We never had any worries with leaving her, it was brilliant.

“When we did lose Katie, I went around to Jigsaw for a cuppa and I said that I would do an event one day to raise money for what they have done for us. It is just giving something back and to show we appreciate things. That’s my drive and I know the fundraising will be appreciated.

“I thought that I was going to have to flog myself for a 50 mile event, because whatever I do, I can’t just do the same again and expect people to sponsor me. I have to keep building on it and I thought that I would have to do something big. But this lockdown came about and because the government said you could exercise once a day I called them my running tokens, use them or lose them.”

Over the following days, weeks and months Shaun has run at least six miles every day, including half marathons and a marathon. Since starting the challenge Shaun has completed thousands of miles of running as he supports his local children’s hospice.

Shaun continued, “It is a win win for me, raising money for such a good cause and at the same time my running has kicked on another level. I always said body willing I will give it a go and I feel I’m too close to 365 days now to stop. I have started to count down the days in my
head already.

“I can honestly say hand on heart that what I am doing is no chore to me. I take a lot of comfort knowing my efforts are helping children and families that sadly have to put on a brave face and get on with life everyday as we did. They have the hard job and respite is so important.”

The kindness and generosity of Shaun’s family and friends has seen him smash his initial fundraising target of £100, with the current fundraising total standing at over £2,000.