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How your donation can make a difference

The Garden of Memories appeal is an opportunity for you to reflect on your own treasured memories while supporting other families who need specialist care.  

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Step 1: Remember
Commemorate those you miss by having their name displayed in our dedicated Garden of Memories at the hospice.
Step 2: Support
Donate to give other families the opportunity to create lasting memories with their loved ones without worry, pain or discomfort.
Step 3: Visit
The Garden of Memories will be open to the public throughout August. You are invited to attend our Garden of Memories services: Sunday 11th August 2024 from 5.00pm at Bitts Park to commemorate 10 years of our garden, and Tuesday 13th August 2024 from 6.30pm at the hospice in our dedicated garden area.

“I personally remember one patient who just wanted to enjoy their final days sitting in the warm sunshine with a cocktail in hand.

We sat together in the garden and just laughed at the huge selection of drinks we’d gathered for her to choose from! Her symptoms were under control, she had everything she wanted and, in that moment, didn’t have a worry in the world.”

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