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Be in with a chance to win our £1,000 top prize by taking part in our valued lottery which helps to generate funds needed to provide care, support and activities to local patients and families. Your support will make this possible in the future.

  • In 2022/23 (15 month year) the hospice lottery spent £403,083 on expenses, including weekly winnings, staffing costs, administration and canvassing.
  • In the last financial year 2022/23, after expenses, the hospice lottery returned 79% of its income as profit back to the hospice.
  • On average in 2022/23 8,346 players were entered into our weekly draw paying £2. The likelihood of winning a prize each week was 0.7%.
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Lottery winners

Each week, our Lottery players have the chance of winning one of 58 cash prizes.

Are you one of our lucky winners?

You can check the recent results by clicking below. Thank you for supporting your local hospice with your lottery play.

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Our Spring Raffle

Thank you to all those supporters who played the Spring 2024 Raffle. Our twice-yearly raffle (look out for our next one this autumn/winter) helps raise vital funds for your local hospice while giving you the chance to win a top prize of £1,000.

The draw took place on Thursday, June 6th with the following ticket numbers winning:

£1,000 – 1485
£500 – 117925
£50 – 102408
£50 – 35784
£50 – 24841
£50 – 76390
£50 – 225385
£50 – 32546
£50 – 3212
£50 – 107156
£50 – 130167
£50 – 251136

To contact our lottery team please call 01228 817614/817653.

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Keep the change

Round up your lottery payments and make a donation to Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw. Every time you pay for your lottery you can now add a small donation to the amount and each donation will help the hospice to care for local people with life limiting illnesses.

  • Monthly – £8.68 – Keep the Change – £10
  • Quarterly – £26 – Keep the Change – £30
  • 6 Months – £52 – Keep the Change – £60
  • Annually – £104 – Keep the Change – £110
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Wedding favours

Support the hospice during your big day with our beautifully designed table cards. Each card will be personalised with your details and incorporates a unique lottery number.

For just £2 per ticket the lottery numbers printed on the cards will be entered into the weekly lottery draw which will provide your guests with the opportunity to win one of 58 cash prizes, including a top prize of £1,000.

  • Favours must only be given to guests over 18 years of age
  • We normally require a minimum of three weeks notice to prepare and personalise your Wedding Favours.

For further information contact the Lottery Team on 01228 817614, email or complete the order form.

Wedding favours on the table

Single tickets

Single hospice lottery tickets are available across all our shops. This means you can now enter our lottery through a one-off payment without the monthly commitment, making it flexible for everyone.

The weekly draw takes place every Friday with the lucky winners chosen at random so make sure to purchase your tickets in store to win one of our 58 weekly prizes, including a top prize of £1,000!

Nurses holding up single raffle tickets

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our lottery

You can play in a couple of different ways:

  • Direct Debit – this is the cheapest payment method for us.
  • Cash or Cheque direct to the Hospice.
  • Debit card

Members paying by cheque will receive a reminder letter around 3 weeks before their number is due for renewal. A cheque can be sent direct to the hospice. No receipts are issued in order to keep our costs down.

Drop us an email at or you can call us on 01228 817 614. Just let us know your old address and your new address and we should be able to take care of the rest.

All data is stored on a secure database.

No – if you miss a week, your number is not entered in the draw for that week. We do not collect any missed payments.

Yes – you can have up to 20 numbers. Each number costs only £2 per week.

Players must be 18 years of age.

You must be a resident of Great Britain to play the hospice lottery.

There is a form on the reverse of the winning cheque which you can complete and return the cheque as a donation. Or if you do not bank the cheque, the funds will stay in our bank account.

The hospice lottery costs just £2 a week to play. It offers you the opportunity to win one of 58 weekly prizes, including a top prize of £1,000, and a potential rollover of up to £10,000.

1st Prize : £1000

2nd Prize : £100 (rollover prize)

3rd Prize : £50

4th Prize : 55 x £10

In addition to the regular weekly prize draw, you will also be automatically entered into our Weekly Rollover Draw!

If an unallocated number is drawn against our second prize it will rollover to the following week. This means the rollover jackpot could reach an incredible £10,000!

The weekly draw takes place every Friday with the lucky winners chosen at random, using Donorflex Lottery’s Random Number Generator. This has been independently tested, using a variety of industry-standard statistical tests. No issues were identified, and the Random Number Generator is considered to be “fit for purpose”, according to the Gambling Commission-approved test house that carried out the tests.

 Eden Valley Hospice Shops Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 5200. You must be aged 18 years or over to play.

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The problem with Eden Valley Hospice is: How do you thank these people for everything they do? It’s overwhelming.
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Neil Wallace and Julie's marriage at the hospice

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