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Information for family, friends and visitors

We welcome all family and friends to visit patients in the hospice and here you’ll find some useful information.


When can I visit?

Time of visit

Visiting is not restricted in number, time or duration unless requested by the patient.

  • Between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday: All visitors for the adult in-patient unit are asked to report to the main reception.
  • Out of the above hours: Please go to the patient and our of hours entrance, which is to the left side of the building if you are entering from main car park.
  • All visitors to Jigsaw are asked to report to the Jigsaw reception whatever the time of their visit.

Visiting procedure:

Visitors are requested to sign in (using our electronic system) for fire safety purposes and will initially be asked to take a seat in the coffee lounge.

· Staff will then check with the patient if they would like to see the visitor. If a patient lacks capacity to decide on visitors, staff will check with the next of kin and act in the patient’s best interests.

· Once the patient’s consent is gained, the visitor will be shown to the patient.

· When the visit has ended, visitors will be requested to sign out (again for fire safety reasons).

Visiting principles:

· The hospice supports unrestricted visiting for people (or animals) the patient wishes to see. The hospice does not restrict visiting times or numbers of visitors, unless requested to do so by the patient.

· It may be appropriate for visitors to leave the room at times when staff are assisting with care needs.

· Patients cared for at the hospice are encouraged/supported to take visits outside the hospice if this is their wish.

· When attending appointments in another environment they are encouraged/supported to be accompanied by a family member, friend or advocate if they want someone with them.


If there is a reason for visiting precautions or restriction to be put in place, the hospice will apply the most proportionate and least restrictive option. This should be the option least likely to interfere with the person’s right to see their visitors when and how they want.

  • If the visitor or the patient, you are visiting has/or is suspected to have an infectious illness (such as COVID) then visiting is still possible but may be subject to some restrictions such as a request to wear personal protective equipment or to refrain from using communal areas. Please alert the clinical team who can discuss options with you.
  • Patient’s, visitors, staff and volunteers all have a right to be cared for, and to care for others, without fear of being attacked or abused. To successfully provide these services a mutual respect between all is required. In some circumstances to support safe visiting it may be necessary for staff to complete an individual risk assessment.

Food, drink and other facilities

For visitors, we are able to offer the following food items:

  • ‘Snack Box’ which includes a sandwich, crisps, cake and a drink these are on sale for £5.00.
  • Sandwich £2.50
  • Baguette £3.00
  • Salad Box £4.00
  • Jacket Potato – £4.50

A Costa drinks machine is available in our coffee lounge (please note that this machine only accepts payment by credit/debit card). A percentage of the payment from the machine is donated back to the hospice.

We regret that, due to food hygiene reasons, we are unable to reheat food brought in by visitors.

Catering staff in hospice kitchen

Staying the night

At the hospice, there is an on-site flat which is available to be used by families who need to stay close by while a relative or loved one is being cared for.

The flat provides a warm, welcoming and safe space for people with two bedrooms, a comfortable living and kitchen area and an accessible bathroom.

The flat, known as the Holly Bush Flat, was transformed into the space it is today thanks to a generous donation from long-standing supporter Dr John Spencer.

Bed in the Holly Bush flat where family and friends can stay
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