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Referrals to the hospice for our in-patient and day services will be accepted from general practitioners (GPs), hospital and hospice doctors, community nurses, social workers and hospital and community Macmillan nurses.

Download the relevant referral form and email it to

Suzanne Garbarino in hospice garden

Overview of referral criteria for in-patient care:

  • Management of uncontrolled or complex symptoms, which may include physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs.
  • Care of the imminently dying patient.

The hospice inpatient unit is unable to provide services for patients whose:

  • Conditions are stable; do not require specialist palliative care input and whose needs are mainly social in nature.
  • Current problems which are not related to their life-shortening condition.
  • Acutely unwell patients whose needs may be better met in the acute setting e.g. neutropenic sepsis, ongoing high-risk treatment i.e. nasogastric tubes.

The hospice is unable to accept patients for indefinite care and this should be made clear to the patient and family when referral for admission is being discussed.

Most patients will be admitted for a period of assessment; length of stay will be dependent on complexity of need – and, with the exception of patients who are admitted for care in the last days of life – discharge planning commences on admission. Patients suitable for hospice care stay with us on average for up to two weeks.

Criteria for referrals

You can read our more detailed criteria document by clicking the button below.

Please use the email address to submit any referrals to.

If a referral is received from a patient, their carer or relative, we will always contact their GP and any other health care professionals to obtain clinical information, with the consent of the patient. We also consider urgent admissions and aim to make timely decisions.

Jenny Wilson on the adult in-patient unit

For urgent referrals or if you have any queries, please call 01228 810801 and press option 1 for a discussion with the senior nurse on duty.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure that you have included an NHS number and as much clinical information as possible on the referral form.  It is helpful to know if your patient is consenting to sharing of their electronic patient record with the hospice team to ensure that we have accurate and up to date information about their care.