Referrals to the hospice will be accepted from General Practitioners (GPs), hospital and hospice doctors, Community Nurses, Social Workers and Hospital and Community Macmillan Nurses.

If a referral is received from a patient, their carer or relative, we will always contact their GP and any other health care professionals to obtain clinical information, with the consent of the patient.

Urgent requests for admission to the in-patient will also be considered.

On acceptance, referrals will be assigned to a requested or appropriate palliative care services.

We aim to inform those referring of the decision the same day.

Due to patient confidentiality we cannot accept a referral via email, although we hope to introduce this facility in due course. In the meantime please complete and return the referral form. (Add information about how to return forms)

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure an NHS number is provided on the referral form, as well as copies of recent hospital letters, relevant past medical history and current medication regimes.