Adult In-Patient Unit

Adult In-Patient Unit

Adult In-Patient services are available to those individuals aged 18 years and over with complex problems associated with a life limiting illness. This can include physical, psychosocial, emotional or spiritual distress.

Our specialist services are delivered by a multi-professional team (doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers, chaplains, therapists) whose members have recognised training in palliative care and for whom palliative care is their core speciality. Care and support also extends to relatives and carers.

What We Offer

Some patients’ particular needs may be best supported by a short stay in one of our In-Patient units. A patient’s length of stay is usually between 7-10 days and could be for one of the following reasons:

  • Symptom Control - Patients may have physical symptoms proven difficult to control such as pain, nausea or breathlessness. They may also have spiritual or emotional symptoms requiring intervention and support. Medications are sometimes changed to help with specific symptoms and the effects are closely monitored.
  • Planned Admissions - This includes short term relief for carers and is usually for one week, but patients can be considered for repeat respite care as the need arises.
  • End of Life Care - Some patients choose not to die at home and the care we provide is supportive and sensitive to the needs of the patient and their loved ones.