Hospice Spring Raffle 2020

Hospice Spring Raffle 2020

Your chance to win £2,000, plus a range of other prizes too!

Entries for Eden Valley Hospice’s Spring Raffle have now closed. This Thursday, 7 May,  one lucky winner receiving the top prize of £2,000. In addition to the top prize, we have a range of other prizes available.

For more information about the Spring Raffle please contact the Lottery Team on 01228 817614 or email lottery@edenvalleyhospice.org

Important Information:

We are asking supporters not to return any unwanted raffle tickets to the hospice. We do appreciate your kindness in doing this, however when using the FREEPOST envelope to do this the hospice incurs additional costs.

The Spring Raffle tickets were printed and prepared for distribution before the current goverment lockdown was introduced. We understand that out volunteers and supporters will not be socialising and we would not expect them to do so in order to sell raffle tickets, as everyones health is paramount at this time.

Please do no break any social distancing guidelines in order to sell them.