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Suzanne sorting books in our bookshop

Suzanne Knapton – Volunteer

14 May 2023

Suzanne Knapton is a volunteer in our very popular Lanes Bookshop helping to sustain and improve our very successful retail operation which is key to raising vital funds.

What is your volunteer role at the hospice, and can you explain to people what you do? 

I work in the bookshop in the Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle.  There are a wide variety of books in the bookshop from crime/thrillers to non-fiction reference books. We also stock children’s books. Not only do we sell books but also DVDs, CDs and jigsaws.  My jobs involves working on the till, selling the items in the store. We also receive donations of books from people who no longer need them.   When people bring in donations, we have to check the items to ensure they are in good condition and then put them on the shelves in the bookshop for resale. 

How did you start volunteering with EVH? 

I have been thinking about volunteering for a while and after looking on the website for EVH, I decided it would be a good charity to work for, it being local to Carlisle area.  I have been working at the shop for about six months and am really enjoying it.  

What do you like most about volunteering with us? 

As I have never worked in a retail environment before, working in the bookshop has given me new  skills for example learning how to use a till.  I have enjoyed meeting new people both customers and other members of staff.    

Would you recommend to other people? And if so, why? 

I would definitely recommend volunteering to other people as it is such a worthwhile thing to do.  If you have a few hours to spare each week, it enables you to learn new skills and make new friends.