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Ian and Barbara volunteering on the ward.

Ian and Barbara – Volunteers

28 May 2024

Ian and Barbara have volunteered on our ward for several years, helping provide comfort to patients.

– What is your volunteer role at the hospice, and can you explain to people what you do?   

Mainly supporting the staff and providing comfort to patients. We are volunteers on the Adult in Patient Unit, the role involves chatting to patients if they are fit and able, taking lunch and drink orders for the kitchen and just generally helping in any way possible.  

– How did you start volunteering with EVH?   

I (Barbara) made teas and coffees in the Oncology Department at the Cumberland Infirmary for around 7 years, my help was no longer required there so I started at Eden Valley Hospice in 2017. I was then joined by my husband (Ian) 4 years ago due to a back problem which meant I could no longer do it on my own. 

– What do you like most about volunteering with us?   

The satisfaction of helping in a small way. The staff at the hospice are so nice and the atmosphere there is like a ‘warm hug’. 

– Would you recommend to other people? And if so, why? 

Yes, I would recommend volunteering, the satisfaction of helping even in a small way gives a good feeling to me.