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Volunteer Fedella Marsden in the therapy room

Fedella Marsden – Volunteer

27 June 2023

Fedella Marsden works alongside our Day Services team volunteering her time and performing complimentary therapy with patients on the ward.

What is your volunteer role at the hospice, and can you explain to people what you do? 

I’m a volunteer complementary therapist. I sometimes work with patients on the wards, but mostly in the day hospice where I give Reiki, massage or HEARTS Process treatments to the ladies who attend (HEARTS is an acronym for Hands on, Empathy, Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Textures and Sound. It is a lovely gentle therapy developed by complementary therapist Ann Carter for use in palliative care). As well as being a complementary therapist, I’m also a mindfulness teacher, so sometimes at the end of the day I lead the group in a relaxing guided meditation  

How did you start volunteering with EVH? 

I few years ago I was asked to come to the hospice from time to time, to offer therapies to the hospice staff, volunteers and also carers of the children and young adults that use the services of Jigsaw. From there it developed into me volunteering on a regular basis working with patients 

What do you like most about volunteering with us? 

It’s difficult to put into words how rewarding it is to spend time at Eden Valley. The patients are so incredibly inspiring, they are all going through so much emotionally as well as physically, yet the day hospice is full of laughter. It is wonderful to see how much it helps everyone to spend time with others, be able to chat and support each other. It is very humbling to know that I can play a small part in that support for the patients by listening when they want to talk about concerns they have and offering therapies that can help them relax 

Would you recommend to other people? And if so, why? 

When I first began volunteering at the hospice there were at least 5 other complementary therapists that also volunteered, but since covid, due to other commitments, they didn’t return. So, for a while I have been the only one. Another therapist has just started, but we still need more so that everyone, patients and carers, who could benefit from a regular treatment is able to do. I cannot stress enough how rewarding it is to make a small contribution to their wellbeing. If I could spend every day at the hospice I would, but work gets in the way!