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Auntie Jayne's Cookbook

About Jayne's Recipe Book

For those of you who might be wondering, "why is the cookbook called Auntie Jayne's Favourite Recipes?"... I will try to explain.

Over the years working at United Utilities Jayne used to take the new apprentices under her wing, starting with young Barry in 2001. Jayne would also befriend and support new starters, welcoming (and never judging!) those she met with that infectious smile. The apprentices soon nicknamed her 'Auntie Jayne', in recognition of the care and great fondness she had for them all. During lunch breaks the apprentices would ask "what are you having today Auntie Jayne?" to which her response would be to offer them a taste.

Jayne got wise to this trick and began to take bigger portions so that there was enough for her, the apprentices and work colleagues! One day someone said "these meals are lovely" and Helen even said "You should write a cookbook Auntie Jayne!".

So that's exactly what we've done and is how this book was born, as a homage to and in memory of Auntie Jayne's favourite recipes.

Auntie Jayne’s Cookbook

Auntie Jayne’s Favourite Recipes Cookbook is filled with family favourite recipes which you can enjoy making at home. Each recipe is simple to follow, easy to cook and you will enjoy them with all your family. For just £3 you can purchase this wonderful book and support Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice.

You can purchase a copy of Auntie Jayne’s Cookbook at the following places:

David Hall explained

“When we found out Jayne had secondary breast cancer our lives were devastated and to give us some focus and hope I said to Jayne 'Should we write that cookbook darling?' Jayne thought for a second and said that would be lovely, charities are suffering through this pandemic so we will do it for charity to raise much needed funds.

“The Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw cared for Jayne’s mum, Sylvia, so they are close to our hearts for the outstanding care Sylvia received during the final days of her life and the care for our niece, Sarah Hall, who passed with cancer during 2020. So the decision was final, all funds would be donated to the hospice.”

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