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Patient and family support

Patient and family support

We have a Patient and Family Support Team at Eden Valley Hospice which offers help and support for patients receiving palliative care and for their families, friends and carers. The service is available not only to those receiving care within the Hospice, it is offered to anyone who feels they need counselling, social worker contact or spiritual care.

We have fully trained staff and volunteers based at the Hospice to provide:

  • Counselling – effective counselling is respectful, non-judgemental and confidential, and creates the right conditions for free and honest expression of whatever is troubling the client. It can help people come to terms with their prognosis and face the future with courage, resilience and hope.
  • Social workers – palliative care social workers specialise in working with individuals and families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness and end of life care. They can offer a wide variety of support to both the person and those that are important to them. This can include sourcing practical help at home, accessing other services, advice around debt or income maintenance, help with housing, advocacy, working with schools or employers, or offering psychosocial support. They often work with groups as well as individuals and undertake work around helping people to prepare for the end of their lives through advance care planning and psychosocial interventions. Palliative care social workers work alongside other professions, agencies, organisations and as part of the wider community in which they are based.
  • Spiritual care - we offer spiritual and/or religious support to all our patients, regardless of their faith, religion or beliefs. For many patients and families who are receiving palliative care, the spiritual aspect to their lives often comes to the forefront of their thoughts and our Spiritual Care Team are here to cater to these needs.

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