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Patient and family support

Patient and family support

Here at the Hospice we understand that life-limiting illnesses affect not only the patient, but their network of family, friends and carers also. With this in mind, the care we provide is extended to include these integral people within a patient’s plan of care, as well as offering support and help to them during what can be a difficult, uncertain time.

The Patient and Family Support Team

The Hospice Patient and Family Support Team are here to help and support our patients, their families and their carers. We can help manage the challenges in front of you, and help you feel more resilient and able to face the future with courage, all in the strictest confidence.

We can help when it feels as though things are falling apart and life is in turmoil, when you have to cope with change, face decisions and make plans for the future. We also offer help with a range of activities, including memory boxes, boxes of hugs and kisses, and writing about the future.

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