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Lottery - How it Works

Lottery - How it Works

A Chance to Win, a Way to Care

Members pay £2 each week to play with their allocated number, and are in with the chance of scooping the weekly prize of £1,000 or even the Rollover Prize of up to £10,000!

The most important thing about our lottery is that it raises vital funds to support the specialised care of Eden Valley Hospice. It’s one of our most important streams of income because it allows us to plan and budget for the future – something which is often very hard in the world of fundraising.

So please consider becoming a member – showing your support for a much-needed local charity. Just think what you could spend your winnings on!

For more info or to join our ever-growing lottery community, please give us a call on 01228 817 614 or email us at lottery@edenvalleyhospice.org

When you join the Lottery you will be allocated a unique six digit number for each entry you have. You will keep this number for as long as you play the Lottery.

Players can have up to a maximum of 20 entries per week.

Every Friday our Lottery computer randomly picks the winning numbers. Winners receive their cheque within 7 days of the draw. There is no need to claim!

Click here to download our Lottery Terms and Conditions

Click here to download our policy on Social Responsibility in Gambling


The winning number for each prize is chosen at random by computer, from all the entries in that week’s draw. The rollover prize is chosen from all the numbers from the Lottery’s database. If that number has been paid for that week, the prize is won. If not, the value of the prize rolls over to the following week’s prize pot. This continues until a winner is found or the rollover reaches £10,000, at which point it is guaranteed to be won.