Holly Bush Flat

Holly Bush Flat

The Holly Bush Flat

In 2014, the hospice was able to transform the family flat to make it a more warm, welcoming and functional environment for families, thanks to a donation from Dr John Spencer.

John explains,

“My wife Hilary was interested in and supported the hospice, by collecting money and through a local group of ladies who made quilts. She was a junior school teacher at the Quaker School in Carlisle and believed it was useful to support the hospice, especially the children’s part.

“The flat refurbishment is a memorial to her as it was sensible for me to see what was done and what was happening. The name, Holly Bush, is after a 15 century farmhouse where we used to live near Hesket Newmarket. It is a link to Hilary without personalisation.

“A family can stay and be there in the last important house at what can be a traumatic time for the child and their carers. Hilary would have looked at it from the children’s point of view.”

Susan Ferguson, relative of a hospice patient, explained the value of the Holly Bush Flat:

"I was so relieved when my niece told me that Phil had become a patient at the hospice and able to come to the day centre. You were a godsend that Gillian could stay in the hospice flat [to be near Phil]. Our visits to see Phil at the hospice were all good - what a comfort to know he was so cared for with you and able to have some independence."