Day Hospice

Day Hospice

Our Day Hospice is a wonderful facility that offers supportive care for people living with life limiting illnesses. The surroundings are very relaxed and comfortable, offering a choice of activities that are centred on wellbeing, companionship and support.

Who can attend?

You can attend if you are suffering from cancer or other progressive and life-limiting illnesses, which is/are incurable and present physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties requiring input from the palliative care team.

Referrals are made via your GP, district nurse, social worker or MacMillan nurse. All referrals are discussed daily and, following referral, one of the Day Hospice team will contact you.

What are the benefits?

  • We’ll address physical, psychological, spiritual and social symptoms
  • Regular assessment of your condition and creation of an individual care plan
  • Proactive rather than reactive care with the aim of preventing a crisis
  • Help you to manage yourself effectively: control your symptoms rather than them controlling you
  • Give you time and space to talk through any concerns and help you come to terms with the illness, the future and end of life issues
  • Get in touch with other palliative care services and healthcare professionals
  • Improve quality of life and promote independence and self-worth
  • Provide respite and support for carers through our Sunflower Group for Carers
  • Offer peer support for anyone who feels socially isolated because of their condition
  • Receive a complementary therapy session to help relax your body and calm your mind
  • Drinks are served during the day, along with a freshly cooked lunch, all free of charge (special dietary requirements can be accommodated).

When would I attend?

Day Hospice is open four days per week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 3pm. We can take a maximum of 15 people per day.

Attendance is usually one day per week, on the same day each week. This will be agreed at your initial assessment. If you are unable to attend, please inform the Day Hospice staff (call 01228 817623).

Can you provide transport?

If a relative or friend is unable to bring you to the Day Hospice, we will try to provide transport. We can discuss this with you during your initial assessment.