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Wheat Bags

Wheat Bags

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Cost (per item): £ 5.00

Units Purchased: 50 of 50 of 50

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Our Adult Unit nurses would like some wheat bags to help provide comfort and pain relief for our patients.

 Wheat bags are a useful way to apply heat therapy to help relieve pain and provide some relief from stiffness, inflammation and reduced flexibility. They are also great for providing a soothing warm heat which will provide many of our patients with comfort and relaxation whilst staying at the hospice.

They bags are a great supplement to conventional medical treatments with many patients using more than one Wheat Bag at a time to help different areas of the body. Due to infection control reasons the Wheat Bags can only be used by one patient, therefore we are required to replace the bags after being used by a patient.

We have chosen the unscented Wheat Bags to make them accessible for all our patients.

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