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Syringe Drivers

Syringe Drivers

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Syringe Drivers provide effective symptom management to patients and enhance their quality of life.

A syringe driver helps reduce symptoms by delivering a steady flow of medication which is gently injected continuously under the skin. Syringe drivers are used to control difficult symptoms when medication is unable to be taken by mouth. The effective use of syringe drivers can enhance the quality of life, maintain comfort and ensure symptoms are well controlled. Mobility and independence can be maintained as the device is lightweight and can be carried in a bag or under/over clothes.

These pieces of equipment are incredibly useful to our Care Team, by helping to promote effective symptom management for patients who are unable to swallow medication. The continuous dose of medication is used to treat symptoms such as pain, vomiting and agitation. We need to purchase additional syringe drivers to be able to effectively meet the complex needs of the patients we are caring for.

The cost for each of these devices includes a lock box for each one.

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