Sensory Equipment - Fidget Toy Pack

Sensory Equipment - Fidget Toy Pack

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A set of great fun, tactile, squidgy and stretch toys for those who like to fidget.

When we have patients come to the Hospice who are affected by things like brain tumours, dementia or learning difficulties, we like to have equipment available that can provide sensory stimulation. Items like these help us achieve this by not only providing stimulation, but also having a calming effect, increasing focus and concentration and serving as a minor distraction in some circumstances.

These sensory items can be used by patients who have:

  • difficulty unwinding, relaxing or sleeping
  • a short attention span / easily distracted
  • tactile sensitivity - i.e. a need to touch everything or are resistant to touch
  • a poor awareness of their body or body position
  • self-stimulatory behaviour such as rocking, twirling and chewing.

This pack includes ten items selected from: a gooey mesh ball, furry fun bug, stretchy caterpillar, electromite, furb ball, happy face ball, bendable smiley man, bog eyed buggly, chewbuddy and tentacle ball.

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