Money / Collection Boxes

Money / Collection Boxes

Home Money Boxes

Our Home Money Boxes are a great, easy way to raise money for the Hospice every day. Just pop any spare change you have in the box and before you know it, it will fill up and you can donate it to the Hospice! You can bring it in to the Hospice and drop it off with us, take it to one of our Charity Shops or to your local branch of the Cumberland Building Society.

When we receive the box we’ll count it up and send you a thank you letter, along with a new box to replace the one you just donated (boxes donated to the Cumberland may take a little longer to acknowledge).

Last year your donations by Home Money Box raised over £18,000 for the Hospice – which shows you just how important your small change is to us!

If you’d like a Home Money Box, please let us know by emailing or give us a ring on 01228 817 613.

Collection Boxes

Hospice Collection Boxes in local businesses, offices, churches, pubs, cafes or anywhere else you can think of is another great way to raise money for us. Not only that, but it is a brilliant way of raising awareness about the Hospice.

You, our local community, managed to raise over £12,000 from our collection boxes dotted around the county; so next time you have a bit of spare change, pop it in the Hospice Box – it means an awful lot to us!

If you have a Hospice Box and it’s getting full, give us a ring on 01228 817 613 and we’ll arrange for it to be emptied.

If you would like a Hospice Box for your business or workplace, send an email to or call 01228 817 613.