Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy

Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy

Spiritual Care is provided by our Chaplaincy Team, made up of 12 volunteers of different ages, backgrounds and experiences.

These men and women represent six denominations in Cumbria:

  • Church of England
  • Roman Catholic
  • Church of Scotland
  • Salvation Army
  • Carlisle Christian Fellowship
  • Quakers

While they represent these denominations, in their role at the Hospice they have no religious agenda. They are available in the Day Hospice, Adult In-Patient Unit and Jigsaw, to provide compassionate companionship to patients and families, and to be a support in whatever way they may be asked. The team can also make home visits in the community.

Religious rituals are provided on request and there are regular short acts of Christian worship in the Hospice Chapel from 11:15am – 11:45am, to which all are welcome.

Other world religions in Cumbria are represented within the Chaplaincy Team and the Chaplain has contact details for their representatives.

Our Chaplaincy volunteers are led by the Hospice Chaplain, who is part of the Family Support Team. Their office is in the Sandra Fisher Centre at Eden Valley Hospice. They are available Monday to Friday and the volunteer chaplains cover weekdays and weekends.

If you would like to see someone from the Chaplaincy Team, please ask one of the nursing staff to get in touch with us. We are happy to see patients individually. This may be for a listening ear about whatever is on your mind, or to receive prayer support or communion and we can also help with funeral planning and family support.

The Chaplaincy Team operate a strict patient confidentiality policy in the hospice. However, we work closely with multi-disciplinary colleagues in order to offer you the best possible care. If we feel we need to share information, we will discuss this with you beforehand.

Chaplain’s contact details:

01228 817609

Please leave a message with your name and telephone number so your call can be returned.


Meet Our Chaplaincy Team

Tuesday Day Hospice:

  • Kathleen Reale, retired Anglican Vicar
  • Dawn Sellers, Captain of Carlisle Salvation Army

Wednesday Day Hospice:

  • Caroline Elton, Roman Catholic
  • Pat Irwin, Non Stipendiary Anglican Minister

Thursday Day Hospice:

  • John Thomlinson, Carlisle Christian Fellowship

Friday Day Hospice:

  • Dorothy Derrick, retired Anglican Vicar
  • Valerie Pye, Roman Catholic

Saturdays and Sundays:

  • The Adult Unit and Jigsaw are covered by Sister Maureen, Dorothy Derrick, Frank Bell, Caroline Elton and the chaplain on a rota basis.

Out of hours cover:

Please see the chaplain or nursing teams to contact someone in the Team.

The Chapel – “Quiet Place”

The Chapel (or “Quiet Place”) is open for anyone to use as a place for peace and quiet, to pray, light a candle or just a place in which to sit. There are a variety of books to read and music sometimes plays in the background (which you can turn down or off if you wish). We also have a perpetual candle and a book for your thoughts, prayers and reflection. Our Compassion Tree is made with fabric hearts created by patients and relatives. Please feel free to take a heart and give it to someone or use one for your own reflections or prayers. The Books of Remembrance are also kept in the Chapel, arranged alphabetically.

Our chaplain and chaplaincy team work to the standards of:
The Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplains and the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy.