Other Information

Other Information


Eden Valley Hospice has a strict no smoking policy for everybody except patients. This must be adhered to at all times to prevent any fire hazards and to comply with legislation introduced in July 2007. We would ask that a relative escorts you outside to the designated smoking shelter. For more information on the Hospice's smoking policy, please look at our information for smokers

Postal Service

Post is delivered to the Hospice Monday to Friday. If you want to send mail out, please ask a member of staff to take it to reception no later than 3:30pm on weekdays in order for it to be included in the last post. A small selection of stamps is available for purchase at Reception; please ask a member of staff.

Mobiles & Wi-Fi

Mobile phones can be used in the Hospice, although we do ask that they are not used in the corridors so as not to disturb other patients and their relatives. A member of staff can show you a suitable place to use your mobile.

The Hospice has Wi-Fi available to all patients and visitors should you need it. While there isn’t great coverage across the whole Hospice, the Day Hospice should be covered. To get access just ask for the Wi-Fi password.


At the Day Hospice we have a volunteer who comes in with a certified Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog, providing therapeutic visits as needed. Having a visit from our friendly, temperament tested and vaccinated dog is a great way to experience companionship and home comforts during your stay. If you’d like to see our PAT dog, just have a chat with a member of staff.


We have an experienced volunteer hairdresser who is available for a small donation. An appointment can be made for you, just ask a member of staff.