Day Hospice - What to Expect

Day Hospice - What to Expect

For your peace of mind, we want to let you know as much as possible about what to expect if you’re coming to the Day Hospice as a patient. Although your first time coming to the Day Hospice can be an anxious one, we’d like you to feel as relaxed and informed as possible.

We try to offer a bespoke service to everyone who attends; we believe that every patient is an individual and as such has individual needs. We keep this in mind when we work out a plan of care for you, based on your specific healthcare needs.

We hope that you’ll feel comfortable during your visits and want you to know that if you have any worries or concerns, questions or comments, our staff are keen to respond to your needs and be of help. If you have any questions prior to coming to the Day Hospice, feel free to call on 01228 817623 or email and we’ll provide an answer as soon as possible.

What should I do before I come to the Day Hospice?

What’s often a good idea to arrange a visit before you start coming on your day. This way you can get to know the place and the people before you “officially” start. It’s great for peace of mind to know what you’re walking into beforehand! If you’d like to arrange a visit please give us a call on 01228 817623.

You also need to make sure you bring all your current medication with you, so the medical team know what you’re taking and that you have enough to keep you going.

What happens when I arrive?

Normally you will be met by a nurse or healthcare assistant upon your arrival. They will take you through to the Day Hospice, get you situated and have a cup of tea if you wish one. There will be a plan for the day which the staff will talk through with everyone.

At Eden Valley Hospice we try to promote a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for everyone. All the staff aim to be friendly and helpful and will be happy to answer any queries. Please don’t feel you’re being a nuisance for asking – we prefer you let us know your concerns. Anything we can do to improve our service and environment we are happy to hear about.

Who will be taking care of me?

You’ll be able to identify Day Hospice staff by their name badge. Our team consists of:

  • Head of Care
  • Doctors
  • Clinical Sister
  • Staff Nurses
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Day Hospice Volunteers
  • Complementary Therapists

Our assigned doctor is present at the Day Hospice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Which one's which?

We've recently changed the uniforms that our nurses and healthcare assistants wear, so it is easier for patients and visitors to identify what role each person has. Below you can see images of the different uniforms and their corresponding roles:

Sister - Navy


- Navy

Staff Nurse - Red Piping

Staff Nurse

- Red Piping

Health Care Assistant - White Piping

Healthcare Assistant

- White Piping