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December’s Quiz

December’s Quiz

Christmas Questions 

1. Only two of the gospels include nativity stories. Which two ?

2. Which Christmas table accessory was invented by Tom Smith?

3. Before the Coca-Cola company changed it to red, what colour was Santa Claus's suit?

4. In the 12 Days of Christmas, how many swans in total did my true love give to me (including repeats)?

5. Which reindeers’ names mean Thunder and Lightning in German?

6. Which is the first ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?

7. What is the name of the boy left Home Alone in the film of that name?

8. ‘Tinsel thing’ is an anagram of which popular carol?

9. Which country has donated Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree every year since 1947?

10. Which bridge in Carlisle shares its name with Santa Claus?

11. What was Cliff Richard’s Christmas number 1 in 1990?

12. Which saint gives his name to the day after Christmas day?

13. Name the three kings in the song ‘We Three Kings'.

14. What do Justin Trudeau, Princess Alexandra and singer Annie Lennox have in common?

15. Which classic Christmas film is set in Bedford Falls and includes an angel called Clarence Odbody?

16. Which Tchaikovsky ballet takes place over Christmas?

17. In which year did Apollo 8 orbit the moon at Christmastime?

18. From which country do turkeys originate?

19. Ibex is the botanical name of which garden shrub?

20. Prince Albert is credited with bringing what seasonal item to Britain?

 The Answers