Day Hospice Support Hub

Day Hospice Support Hub

Welcome to the Day Hospice Support Hub

Our Support Hub is filled with activities and resources that will keep you inspired and motivated during our time apart.

Like our Day Hospice, we really want all the activities to be an interactive and social experience. Please share with us any activities or resources which you have found useful over recent months. Plus, we would love to know your suggestions or ideas about what might be useful for you and your family at this time.

We also want to see your pictures and videos. If you have completed one of this month's activities or want to share a picture or video linked to this month's theme you can send them over to us either via email or complete the form below.

Once we have gathered together your pictures and videos we can create a gallery and share on our website, if you would like us to do this.

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Your Favourite Holiday Books

What's your favourite holiday book and why? Do you have a special travel guide filled with exciting memories from a holiday? Click the button to find out some of our favourite summer reading.

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Your Holiday Playlist

Which songs would make your Holiday Playlist? It could be a song with Holiday in the title or music you have enjoyed and listened to on a holiday. Which songs evoke happy holiday memories?

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Favourite Holiday Destination

Where is your favourite holiday destination? Why not share a picture or video for us all to enjoy.




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Virtual Tours of Holiday Destinations

You can now visit lots of exciting places around the world from the comfort of your own home. Simply click the picture above and take a trip around the world.

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Holiday Based Relaxation

Relaxing on a beach, enjoying spectacular scenery or lounging around the pool, however you relax on holiday these brilliant relaxation sessions are perfect for you.

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Favourite Holiday Food

Delicious BBQs, fancy salads and cocktail recipes. Click on the picture above to find out more about some of our favourite summertime recipes.



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Travel Quiz

Test your knowledge with our Travel Quiz.

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Pictures, Videos and Feedback

Click the camera picture to send in pictures and videos relating to any of the activities above. You can also add your ideas and feedback for future themes which we are planning. Alternatively you can email