Other Information

Other Information

Discharge Policy

Placements at the Day Hospice are not permanent; each placement is regularly reviewed. A planned discharge occurs when a patient’s condition remains stable over a period of time. The patient is discharged from our service but they can be re-referred should their condition change. This will be a phased process in which the patient will be supported.

Automatic discharge takes place if there has been non-attendance for eight weeks without notification. Unfortunately we cannot hold places long term if they are not being used.

Outpatient Clinic

We offer outpatient appointments to people who have been referred by their GP, nurse or any healthcare professional. In addition to receiving specialist advice from our Care Team, we maintain close contact with your GP to ensure continuity of care. For more information, take a look at our Outpatient Clinic.

Sunflower Group for Carers

This is a carer support group for friends or family members who are in a caring role. For more information, check out our Sunflower Group page.

If you’d like more information about the Day Hospice, you can have a look at our page about What to expect if you’re a Day Hospice Patient or, if you have a specific question, just contact us.