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30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

“In late 1984 I became very interested in the hospice movement and started looking into what was involved. In 1985 I lost a dear friend and Godmother to our son, Jean Spouge, from cervical cancer, she was just 38.

“Sadly Jean died on her own in a 4 bedded ward at the City General and as a result of this, along with the many many patient I had cared for over the year, I felt it was time something was done where terminally ill patients could die with dignity, respect and love all around them.” Gill Melrose, Founder of the Eden Valley Hospice Appeal.

2021 is a special and significant year for Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw as it marks three decades of caring for local people with life limiting illnesses. Technology, medication and our care have changed over the decades, but one thing has remained constant... Time. Our staff are fortunate to have the time to spend with our patients and their families during the difficult times and this is possible thanks to the support of the local community.

The hospice will celebrate this fantastic achievement with the community, as it is thanks to your amazing support that we can continue to care for local people. After the challenges of 2020, your local hospice needs your support now more than every. We want to be here to support people for the next 30 years and the continued support will ensure this happens.

To find out more about Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations please click the links below. We will continue to update the buttons below throughout the year.

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